Luzzani Dental was founded in 1944 in Senago (Milan) thanks to the initiative and genius of Aldo Luzzani, who started a high-specialised and completely new enterprise in the dental field scenario.

During seventy years of activity and constant growth, Luzzani Dental has developed, made and finished a complete and original range of high quality dental syringes. It proved itself on the international scene and succeeded in the Asian market too.

Today the company is managed by the son and the daughter of its founder, Sandro and Antonella and has kept the initial passion and initiative along the years. It constantly updates its production technologies, uses first choice materials and employs high-qualified manpower.

Thanks to the great experience, professionalism and competence, Luzzani Dental is highly specialized in its sector and is considered an essential reference point by other companies of this field. Its strength is guaranteed by the steady research and development of efficient models, which perfectly answer to the requirements of dentists. And the best pre and after sales service in Spain and Portugal is ensured by RUMAR (dental equipment and dental spare parts distributor).

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