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why Deposits and Technical Services trust RUMAR


Quality Assurance

Because we only distribute *products* and *spare parts* of proven quality, you have 15 days to change your mind and a real warranty.

Customer Service

Because the RUMAR team is at your disposal to support and advise you in the sale of *products*, and to clarify any doubts about the *spare parts* you need.

Always in stock!

Because RUMAR ensures that everything that says it's in stock, is always in stock!

After-Sales Service

Because a sale does not end when the product or a repair is delivered. The RUMAR team offers you advice, troubleshooting and stock of spare parts for all the *products* and *spare parts* we distribute.


Because we ship directly to your customers, use your packaging, follow your instructions and support you in everything you need. You only invest in promotion, we provide the stock.

New products and spare parts constantly

Because we are continuously increasing our portfolio of small appliances and spare parts. New lines and new products. Continuous adaptation 😉

YOUR marketing

Because at RUMAR you can rely on videos, images, brochures and other customized tools to enhance your image, your *sales* and your *repairs*.

Spain and Portugal

Because if you operate in these countries, you're in luck because we can reach any corner (delivery within 24 hours in peninsula).

Training and Information

Because at RUMAR we offer you exclusive access and a Youtube channel through which you can get training and useful information for your *sales*, *repairs* and service.

To each his own

Because at RUMAR we do NOT sell to final customers, nor are we related or part of a group of companies that do. It' s clear, isn't it? We only work with Dental Warehouses and Technical Services