RUMAR Dental Parts Import

What do we do?

In RUMAR we have been dedicated since the year 2004 to the importation of dental parts and distribution of spare parts, appliances and dentalmedical instruments.

“Good prices. Great selection. Quick service.”

Previous definitions

RUMAR team: Team of professionals at the service of our partners.

Our partners: A set of technical services and deposits that trust us. They are the reason for our existence.

A good day: to have served the needs of our partners satisfactorily.


  • 2004: The seed of our project is planted by Margarita Crespo and Wolfgang Ade in Cedeira-A Coruña.
  • 2012: A new generation led by Alejandro Tuimil takes over from the company and moves to Collado Villalba-Madrid.
  • 2018: The new facilities are inaugurated in Alpedrete-Madrid, with more than 320 m2 at the service of our partners.

Our day to day

We are a team of young professionals dedicated to ensure the best service and advice to our partners.

Part of the RUMAR team is constantly dedicated to complementing our stock and making it possible that tomorrow we can meet the needs of our partners better and faster.

The rest of the team is dedicated to today our partners receive what they need, when and how they need it.

All this under our maxim:

Always in Stock. Delivery in 24 hours!

We simply dedicate our day to day to making our partners ‘ day-to-day easier.

Welcome to RUMAR, you wish you’d known us before.



Customer Service / Orchestra director / Supply / and for whatever else is needed
Always in search of perfection when it comes to our service and our products. His drive and motivation is to meet the need of our customers. Sharing every work day with his team is his enjoyment.


Customer Service / Administration
Passionate about the company and of its people both inside and out. She is extremely active and dynamic. She likes calmness, balance and things to be well done, down to every detail. Work done with care always turns out best. She is the glue that binds the team together.


Customer Service / Commercial department
Always hooked on the phone to resolve any questions from our customers that may arise and will find the best way to meet the customers needs. The only way that he will go home content is if he has managed to solve everything at the end of the work day.


Customer Service / Administration
Committed to excellence when it comes to the operation of the company, the quality of our service and the outstanding treatment towards our customers is her motivation. She is always ready and willing to help the rest of the team.


Customer Service/ Commercial Department
Cordiality when it comes to customer service, he is always in search of understanding and balance to find the best way to meet the customers needs. He is a born salesman.